Creative curriculum vitae

Creative curriculum vitae

A sweet bird for Ana Katarina Maria

Possessed - acrylic on canvas

Merlin's Birthday

Silent Soul - ink

Kamila and Flo portrait - ink and colored pencils

Little Devil - colored pencils

Pain - Anger - Death

The Queen of Stages of Life - Crows Cronicles. Ink and colored pencils

Hope - ink and colored pencils

A Little Dessert - colored pencils

Flying Hobbit - gouache ink

Breakfast - colored pencils

Scketches and more scketches

Gerson's portrait

Cynthia's portrait - watercolor

Beethoven's Endless Tears - gouache


Mamis portrait - watercolor

Cover book - Crime and Punishment - Fiódor Dostoiévski

Cover book - Karamazov Brothers / Irmãos Karamazov